Isolation. Protection. Simplified.

The only premium isolation system on the market with a complete portfolio of autoclavable & single-use mouthpiece options.

DryShield Special Edition Starter Kit

DryShield Special Edition Starter Kit


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Limited One per Customer
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
The DryShield Special Edition starter kit includes samples of both our Autoclavable and Single-Use Mouthpieces
$120 value in Mouthpieces Included

DryShield is an all-in-one isolation system that performs all of the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, bite block, tongue shield and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device. DryShield increases efficiency and productivity, allows assistants to multi-task, and reduces procedure times.

• Decrease procedure time and increase quality of outcomes
• Unlock the full value of modern isolation, with both Autoclavable and Single-Use mouthpieces in your toolkit

• Suction keeps work environment dry and clean

• 2 quadrant dentistry
• Increases visibility
• Installs in seconds
• Portable kit allows for mobility
• Enhances patient safety

• DS1 Isolation System
• 4 Autoclavable Mouthpieces (Pedo, Small, Medium & Large; $100 value)
• 8 Single-Use Mouthpieces (2 Pedo, 2 Small, 2 Medium & 2 Large; $20 value)

• Portable Operatory Kit
• Y Connector Kit
• Cleaning Brush

Note: This item is not available outside of the United States
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